Will Offen
Jan 20 · 1 min read

Thanks Anthony. Another pearl of an article that gets straight to the core of the discussion.

We know that people do much more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure! You identify this with this: “The truth is, most people are making choices based on avoiding what they fear, not striving toward their goals”.

There’s so much power in this sentence alone.

For many years, I have coached people to strive for success. I found however, that most people made excuse after excuse to stay in their comfort zone rather than take action to improve, however passionately they said they wanted success.

It felt like I was constantly fighting a losing battle, so I switched emphasis.

Rather than focusing on the benefits derived from having more success, I began focusing on the pain of loss resulting from the lack of action, creating a fear of staying the same.

A lack of action doesn’t simply mean that you fail to get more, it means that you risk losing what you already have, enormously more powerful than a dream of success that “would be nice if it happened” and can be put aside easily as “what I’ve never had, I’ll never miss”.

Will Offen

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Almost 50 years helping people become Aware of how much they can achieve through the power of Communication. Mediocrity is a choice we don’t have to make!

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