Are politics changing - or is it the same old, same old?

Maybe it’s time to admit that the old fashioned political systems are defunct and need radical modernisation?

Will Offen
Jan 11, 2019 · 3 min read

It seems to me that elections and major issue votes in the past few years have increasingly returned split decisions and hung parliaments. At the time of writing, only 3 of the 28 EU member countries have a single party government and although this may be a product of a confused multinational organisation, there can be no doubt that the general electorate of many countries are experiencing difficulty in choosing a firm set of beliefs along traditional party lines.

The USA is faring no better. Seen from afar, Trump’s presidency is more than a little confusing. To judge him an unusual candidate is an understatement, to see him actually win the office is major surprise, even shock! How could a person with such limited political experience and intelligence be president of the USA?

At the same time, it doesn’t take a close study to see that the UK is currently having a political meltdown. A misappropriated and hopelessly inefficient referendum produced a divided country and parliament. An inevitable outcome, given the inadequate question choice, set without guidance, explanation or thought of consequence.

Lost trust and lack of leadership!

Both countries seem to offer particularly prominent examples of political confusion and unrest, perhaps with parallel causes, that give an insight to the general malaise of governments.

That the electorate has lost trust in its governing classes is not in doubt, hence no group can have a true allegiance and make a firm decision from one vote to the next. The proletariat (yes, they still exist, and always will) as a body will rally around any cry that promises to right its wrongs, however unrealistic and empty of structure the promises may be, taking its lead from biased press and so-called socialist politicians. The ruling classes cling on by “bending to the will of the people” and consequently have lost all power, rather like the modern-day weak-kneed parent that is frightened to chastise his children for fear of rebuke by his peers.

So, we have no strong guidance simply because we can argue with the rules and get them changed. Maybe not a bad thing, but we need better rules. We can’t change the rules simply because we don’t like them, we must change them because they are wrong in some way, and the alternative rules must be good for everyone or anarchy will reign.

The tail is firmly wagging the dog in most of our governing structures, political, social and family. The old is not working and the new is not ready!

Personal agendas and unrealistic promises.

In Trump we see a non-politician, making decisions without thought to the international repercussions, having gained power on jingoistic speeches and unrealistic promises and in Brexit we see the result of a ‘cling to power’, ‘grass is greener’ promise producing an impossible negotiation to prevent a national suicide. Both played out on an embarrassing public stage by weak politicians motivated by personal agendas, arguing with a baying rabble that has no political intelligence or idea of the ramifications involved.

I guess it’s called evolution — and I pray we can get it done before it creates a seismic catastrophe, such as a global conflict!

Will Offen

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