The Art of Storytelling For The Subscription Box Company

Storytelling is an art that is literally as old as time. One things that all forms of storytelling have in common is that they document the lives of the people living in that time, and storytelling for entrepreneurs is no different. I haven’t done much research on it, but I am almost sure there was some form of entrepreneurship in ancient Egyptian times and it was documented in hieroglyphics how the entrepreneur sold his first product.

Storytelling is YOUR opportunity to speak to your audience and open up a little. And one thing is for certain…every business or product has a story!


The thing that sets one business apart from another is how you tell your story. In a populated space like subscription boxes this is as important as any part of building your brand because you get to share what makes your product different.

Let’s talk about a few ways to tell the story of your company.

  1. Blog Posts — Making a blog post can be both personal and informational. You can share something of yourself or your business, or you can share some type of information. Customers love to get “behind the scenes” of your business. Don’t be afraid to give a little glimpse…and make it raw. There is something endearing about someone who will be vulnerable enough to let others see them mess up.
  2. Pictures — With Instagram’s presence growing pictures are an increasingly viable way of telling your story and growing your audience. Most of your products are quite visual so Instagram is the perfect way to share with your customers, or more importantly those potential customers who may be on the fence.
  3. Original Video — This is probably the most underused storytelling tool available. YouTube has given anyone with a cell phone a chance to create original video content. And the rise of Facebook Live, Periscope, and SnapChat have taken it even a step further by allowing real-time access. Of the interviews that I have done for Behind The Box an overwhelming majority have mentioned exploring video in greater depth. I am going to begin shaping product releases for my own subscription box company, The Bluegrass Box, with video by really highlighting the makers of the Kentucky products that are in our quarterly shipments.
  4. Social Media Posts — Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat allow us to incorporate all of the other storytelling elements and broadcast to an even bigger audience than ever before. The reach of an average person has never been as far and fast as it is right now.
  5. E-mail — Your email list is your best opportunity to focus your efforts into a funnel of people who have already acknowledged they are interested in your product. This is also the only avenue that you TRULY OWN. We have all seen Facebook change its viewable posts algorithm and this left many in a struggle to be viewed.
  6. Podcasts — I saved my favorite for last. In my opinion, if you want to share story you want people to hear it in your voice….and podcasts allow that. Whether you host your own podcast or search out podcasts in your niche to be a guest, this is a tremendous way to build a brand and let your audience hear from you.

It’s your willingness to be vulnerable and share of yourself that will set you apart from the competition. Your customers just want to know that you are a real person and that you share the same dreams and struggles that they do.

Are there other ways that your business tells your story? Share it in the comments.