Behnam Rostami DDS - How to Work as a Dentist in the United States

Even someone as experienced as Behnam Rostami DDS had to complete several steps to earn his dental license in the United States before he could work in dentists’ offices and eventually open his own in northern California. Rostami was educated and trained in Iran, where he worked for the Ministry of Health for six years before working at his own office in Tehran for another 14 years. His experience gave him the skills to deliver positive results to his patients. Here’s a more common way to become a dentist in the United States:
Earn a bachelor’s degree. The first step to getting into dental school is to earn a four-year degree. Your major doesn’t have a huge bearing on which dental schools will accept you, but to prepare yourself for the next level, you should consider a degree in a science such as Biology. Behnam Rostami DDS earned his dental degree at the National University of Iran.

Complete dental school. After you have your four-year degree from a university, you can take the Dental Acceptance Test, which is one way admissions officers at dental schools choose which candidates to accept. Once you’re in dental school, you can expect to take one to two years to earn your Doctor of Dental Surgery degree or your Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. This usually includes a residency.
Pass national and state dental exams. Behnam Rostami DDS, like all dentists, chose where he wanted to work and passed both the national dentistry exam and the exam for the state he practices in.

Behnam Rostami DDS has helped many people with their dental issues over his long career.