How we visited 7 states in 7 days — Part 1

States we visited in our trip (althoug we just passed through some of them)

Day 1: Leaving Philadelphia toward Connecticut

We decided to use Friday afternoon for getting together, loading our stuff on the car and hitting the road. As we were living in four different cities. The journey had a quite long start-up time. I had to hit the road first from D.C. picking up one of our friends at Baltimore, my fiance in Philly and our other friend who took the bus to Philly from upstate NY. I left D.C. at 1 PM and by 6:45 PM we all were in the car and everything was loaded in the trunk. For reference, we just used my midsize sedan for the travel.

Day 2: Rhode Island and Portland

We left our hotel in the morning and head toward Newport, RI for lunch. But instead of following Google Maps and taking the highway, we went through the coastal road to see beautiful scenes, delightful beach villages.

Beautiful harbors just a block away from Thames St, Newport, RI
Our view from outdoor sitting at Safari Restaurant in Newport, RI
One of the dishes we got
Another side of the front area at Safari Room Restaurant

Day 3: Visiting Portland Headlight House, Arriving at Acadia National Park

We started our third day of the trip by shortly exploring the resort area and snapping few pictures from their signature light house at the resort.

Next Destination: Acadia National Park

From Portland to Acadia National park was 3 hours if we took highway, but as we were seeking beautiful sceneries, we decided to stick to Maine Route 1 which goes through the ocean shores. The route was beautiful throughout the way until we reached the town of Camden. At the beginning we did not have any intention of stopping at the town, but the beauty of the town (specifically the shops on both sides of the route 1, made us to turn around after passing couple hundred yards of the town and park the car so we have the chance of exploring some of the stores.

The route we took from Portland toward Acadia (we had short stop at Carmel)
The little peacful Harbor in Carmel.

Day 4: Exploring Acadia National Park, Leaving toward New Hampshire

When you research about the Acadia National Park, one of the most interesting things you would find out is the fact that you have the chance to be among one of the very first people throughout the entire United States to observe the sunrise. The map below shows the geographical location of the Cadillac Mountain in the United States and given the 1,530 feet elevation of it, it is one of the very first locations that you receive the sunshine.
Many people who stay at Acadia, hike up the Cadillac mountain during the night so they can be on top of the mount to observe sunrise. Given our short stay at Acadia, we chose to drive up the mountain so we can keep our energy for the entire day. We woke up at 3:30 AM and headed toward the peak. The weather was so nice, fresh and chilly (that definitely wakes you up!) BUT it was so cloudy. The sky was packed with clouds and that prevented us from observing the sun coming out of the ocean.

This is how our sunrise looked like

1 — Sand Beach

Sand beach offers what its name suggest! a sand covered beach. But it is unique because you find mostly rocky beaches throughout the park.

My friend Mr. Crabby, LoL

2- Thunder Hole

Our next destination was the Thunder Hole. It is basically a small cave under the rocks where waves hit in and create a thunder like sounds. It is pretty fun to stand there, watch and listen to the sound. Although the observation point is usually pretty slippery, so be ware when you walk there.

This is how Thunder Hole looks like in slow-motion

3- Otter Point

The next stop was Otter point. A nice observation point over the rocks. If you are pretty much in hiking and rock climbing you’ll find it entertaining to go down on the rocks close to the ocean, otherwise, if you’re not that adventurous you gonna stay close to the trail and observe the view. From Otter point, you can see Sand Beach (it is visible in my picture).

View of Acadia when looking toward Sand Beach from Ottor Point

4- Jordan Pond

There are several lake/ponds in Acadia national park, each of which with their own beauties (eagle lake, bubble pond, Jordan pond). As we did not have enough time to visit all of them we chose Jordan pond as our next destination. The pond is farther from previous three stop points and took a short while for us to drive there. Another reason for choosing Jordan pond was Jordan Pond House which is a Cafe/Restaurant/Rest Area close to the pond. We decided to spend an hour or so taking pictures and hiking around the pond and then get back to Jordan Pond House to have a light meal before we hit the road again. Jordan pond has a beautiful trail all around it. The trail is not that difficult and full of beautiful views of the pond and mountains around. We took a whole lot of pictures there, including the typical view of the twin peaks, pond and rocks.



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