Dear Tim Cook…, A Case For Touch-enabled macOS
Austin Condiff

You remember Steve Ballmer’s response to iPhone’s introduction? Here it is in case you have forgotten that:

And what did that thought process accomplish for Microsoft? A disaster!

Now Tim Cook and his gang are the Steve Ballmers of our time. They just deny that Microsoft’s Surface family of products are more innovative and usable than iPad, MacBook, iMac (and hello! Mac Pro!? Mac Mini!? You still there!? Echo!)

Rather than building and implementing features that users need (better battery life, connectivity options, upgradability, wireless charging, etc.) they just have this obsession with making thinner gadgets that make users even more locked-in at the cost of losing a ton of functionality.

For Apple, Tim Cook is worse than John Sculley. He lacks vision and all other virtues that Steve Jobs had. He must resign.

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