I have a couple of disagreements.
Glob Snark

one of the things that you actually touch on is the fact that there were BLACK males and WHITE females producing offspring. You fail to factor in two key components into your right-ist stance 1) that the “racial admix” usualy fails to account for the African DNA in the majority of the early settlers via “mixed race” indentured servant unions. The first miscengenation law was passed as early as 1672 or so… why would there be a NEED for a law to prevent it if it werent already happenening, voluntarily with FREQUENCY? ( i know the answer, but perhaps you could study an accurate history of the times and come up with your OWN answer. 2) that the irish were so POOR and held in such LOW regard by proper society that EVEN AFTER the great migrations of 1851, for SOME irish, marrying a BLACK man that owned land (esp as a result of civil war service) was a HUGE. STEP. UP. and voluntary — nOT the result of rape..

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