20 UX UI App Design Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


The UI UX design community is growing everywhere. This includes niche sites likeDribbble as well as the social media platforms you know and love. Here is a list of 20 Instagram accounts (in no particular order) that cater to designers that are looking for inspiration, resources, and news.

#1. UItrends

Our first Instagram account on the list, UI Trends is focused mostly on the latest trends in web design, but they still show UI UX designs for mobile on occasion.

#2. ui.designs

UI.Designs is one of the more well-known sources for UX UI design inspiration with over 54 thousand followers. Their Instagram profile features a wide variety of mockups from mobile to icons.

#3. uigarage

UI Garage has a wide variety of designs they feature. From 404s, to login screens, to even e-commerce they pretty much got it all.

#4. uxbestdesigns

UX Best Designs features a wide variety of mobile and web designs. They regularly share some of the best UI UX designs in the Instagram community.

#5. uxigers

Our next UI Instagram account on the list, UX Igers curates designs from the Instagram UX UI designer community with some focus on redesigns for known apps and websites.

#6. humble_ux

Even though you’re designing mobile apps, you shouldn’t forget the huge role that a simple pen and paper can have to improve the user experience. Humble UX’s Instagram consists of a mix of hand drawn UX wireframes and setups.

#7. uiuxgifs

UI UX Gifs, like the name implies is an Instagram featuring UI UX animations. From mobile UI to animated logos, these designs beautifully come to life on this page.

#8. ui.hunt

UI Hunt offers a collection of stunning UI UX designs for both mobile and web from agencies and freelance designers.

#9. uiinspiration

UI Inspiration doesn’t post too regularly, but when they do, it will likely be a design that will make you say “Oooooh.” The Portuguese based page demonstrates what their side of the globe has to offer for the design world.

#10. uzers.co

Uzers.co features beautiful web designs that provide inspiration for designers looking to build their own web page. Uzers.co posts on a fairly regular basis, so you won’t be short on inspiration on this one.

#11. mobilepatterns

Everything comes in threes on the Mobile Patterns Instagram page. Mobile Patterns shares insights covering various elements in mobile design from virality to a proper call to action.

#12. UXDesignMastery

Even though there aren’t a lot of UI UX shots on the Instagram, UX Design Mastery shows a glimpse of aesthetics and office setup information from top agencies and designers.

#13. uxdesigns

Our next Instagram page on the list, UX Designs features mostly animated mobile interfaces. However, sometimes you’ll get the occasional landing page design or smart watch animation.

#14. ux_ui_wireframes

Wireframes, wireframes, and MORE WIREFRAMES. They are a critical part of the mobile UX UI process, so it is important to feature a page that specializes in them.

#15. interaction_design_foundation

Their following isn’t as strong as the others, but Interaction Design Foundation has a selfless mission to educate people about design to a higher standard.

#16. instaui

Insta UI has some of the most vibrant and visually striking designs. The only thing is that they don’t feature web and mobile UI all the time, but these designs and works are inspiring nonetheless.

#17. uxpiration

Upon looking at their Instagram profile, one distinct thing you may notice about UXpiration is that they feature logo inspiration consistently; every third post to be specific.

#18. Interfaceutilisateur

Their username is quite a mouthful, but once you manage to spell everything right (or just click on the link), you’re in for a design treat. Interfaceutilisateur has icons, smartwatch mockups, mobile, tablet, web, etc. Whatever you need inspiration on, chances are they have some inspiration for it.

#19. Uidesignpatterns

One of the highest follower counts on the list with over 68 thousand followers, UI Design Patterns posts a wide range of UX photos and videos and even UX related news for followers to engage with.

#20. Gifux

Our last Instagram account on the list, Gif UX curates many mobile UX animations submitted by the Dribbble community.

Last but not least, here is our Instagram page. In addition to our designs, mockups, and free UI resources, we also post the various activities, in-office shenanigans, and events we participate in.

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