Most Common Issues in Mobile App Interface Design

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This is for those of you who took the initiative to create your own app.

This is for those of you who dreams of bringing the next unicorn into the world.

This is for those of you who are trying to learn how to operate a successful startup.

Besides the various resources and tools the tech world has to offer, there are some things that can only be learned through experience whether it is your own or through the experiences of others.

Here are some of the most common issues and obstacles that plague early stage startups.

  • Web designers transitioning to mobile creating interfaces optimal for click and precision mouse movement, but not for touch.
  • Web designers designing on huge desktop interfaces and not previewing designs on actual phones. This results in buttons and text being too small to read on small mobile devices. Touch targets can also be too small or too close together as a result.
  • Creating screens that are too complicated for mobile. Mobile screen real estate is at a premium compared to web / desktop. Designs must be simplified or broken up into several screens.
  • Translating a web interface verbatim into mobile. Mobile use cases are different than desktop. On the web, you are sitting down in front of a monitor or laptop whereas on mobile you are on the go using the phone on one hand. You have a lot less time and even less attention span.
  • Not understanding existing design patterns that consumers are used to on mobile
  • Not understanding the differences and nuances of each platform (iOS vs Android).
  • Not thinking about phone orientation.

What Are The Most Common Issues With Mobile App Interface Designs was originally posted on Impekable Design Studio’s blog section by Pek Pongpaet.

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