A Man, His Moustache & a Selfless Act: How the Legacy of Meesey Thimmaiah Was Cemented in Bengaluru

A Bengalurean often lives in two distinct cities: a Bangalore of their memories and the Bengaluru of the present. The beauty of this city is often lost and found in its constantly changing exterior — the pace is so rapid that the chances of your memory of the space matching up to the external reality are pretty slim.

And if you know someone who has lived here long enough, you invariably become a listening post to their nostalgic trip down memory lane.

So when Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) announced on Thursday that ‘Meesey’ Thimmaiah would be its official mascot, Bengaluru sighed in collective nostalgia for an uncomplicated time.

In August 1995, Meesey Thimmaiah was on his usual duty at General Post Office (GPO) Circle near Vidhana Soudha when he was killed on duty. He gave his life trying to rescue a woman and her child from a speeding tempo, which had ignored his signal to stop. A policeman popular with kids and adults alike, he was not unknown to anyone who would pass through the area. As the tweets and comments on Facebook in response to the announcement indicate, he remains a beloved figure in the city.

The prefix ‘Meesey’ attached to Thimmaiah’s name referred to his ornate moustache. As his wife G. Lakshamma fondly remembers, he loved his mustache and took great care of it. The couple from Tumakuru married in 1978, a year after Thimmaiah joined the force….

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