I Stopped Pretending

How I Let The Fear Of Authenticity Harm My Career

Photo From: The Hoffman Institute Foundation

I know this is something we hear all the time- be real and be transparent. But knowing what to be and how to be it are two very different things.

Being authentic can be hard. We are taught to put on a facade that we are always happy, smart and successful. But this could not be further from the truth. We get sad, we make silly decisions, and things do not always turn out the way we would like them too.

Our fear of what others might think of us controls every aspect of our career and personal lives.

One thing I have learned in my short career is that being yourself is the best way to be successful.

I stopped worrying about what my co-workers would think of my ideas.

I stopped pretending like I knew everything about my career field.

Most importantly, I stopped pretending I was the perfect girl who had her life figured out.

I let my lack of transparency get in the way of my career.

When I started being myself and not worrying about my decisions, I became a better writer, a better listener, and a better person.

I gathered up the courage and voiced my opinions in meetings, I wrote how I wanted, not how someone else wanted, and I asked questions when I did not have an answer.

Starting a new career is scary because we do not want to fall short of the expectations we believe our employers set for us. However, one thing I have learned is, the only expectation my boss sets for me is for me to put my whole heart and personality into every job I do. If I do that and try my best, I will exceed/meet expectations every time.

My biggest advice for everyone, learn to love your personality, your opinions, and your voice. I promise, your employer will learn to love them too.