How I feel about Trump’s words

Words repeated and accepted are hypnotic. They condition us to feel less offended or horrified at rape. They make rape more accepted. They make victim blaming more prevalent. Words do matter. Like a trickle of water can shape a canyon. If everyone stands up and says no, this is not okay, it CAN be changed. No matter how pervy and prevalent this kind of talk is. I understand, okay. Boys being boys. But “I grabbed her with consent” and “I did it because I felt entitled to it.” That is not just apples and oranges. That is good and evil. That is consent versus assault. Shining light on this instance is not downplaying the act and horror and assault of rape. It is making an effort to dry up the trickle. Stop the forming of the canyon of hate. The chasm which has broken apart our culture, our young women, our baby girls, our men, our boys.

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