To talk of radicalisation and rising hardlinerism is a task very easy, sitting in comfort quoting renowned authors, editorials and eminent personalities, but to work towards it, is a task one can say isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Almost 16 years have passed, since this popular debate started, though the problem is centuries old, anyways it came to the world when it came to the Americans, and to be sincere, there is hardly any place on the globe which has been left untouched by this debate, since then.

The most hard thing in this case is getting the consensus, especially in those, who are but innocently unknowingly apologists of the root cause. As it is taken by people, with out or out of context and many out of habbit happen to judge the book by it’s cover and fall to emotion, rather than crossing the rift and landing over rationality. This is what we term as self-denial and this heck of the problem is letting a fringe exploit the majority of innocents, who just can’t manage to get their facts straight or if they manage to do so, it’s already very late.

To speak against, what is no doubt an outdated and by far both stone aged and inhuman phenomenon/thought is becoming an issue itself, just because of the emotional coat attached to it, which has and is blackmailing lakhs into what it calls the war of change and truth. The reason itself is clear but the irony is that it is still not clear to those, to whom it must be.

Afterall it’s not everybodys cup of tea to even think of, forget daring, atleast question the status quo and preconceived notions, which were inculcated in their minds long before they could even use their minds.