Top Interviews of Ajay Bhat (Monnet Ispat)

Simran Kaur
Aug 24, 2019 · 1 min read
  1. Monnet Ispat has no mining lease in Jharkhand: Ajay Bhatt

2. Verdict on coal block allocation to impact bottom line: Monnet Ispat

3. See margins exceeding 30% ahead: Monnet Ispat

4. Monnet Ispat To Sell Stake In Orissa Sponge — August 21

5. See long-term iron ore prices under pressure: Monnet Ispat

6. Sponge iron prices may inch up in few months: Monnet Ispat

7. Is India on the road to economic recovery?

8. See better realisations on sponge iron ahead: Monnet Ispat

Simran Kaur
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