Dead Sea and Masada Tours from Jerusalem

From Jerusalem you can take an amazing tour south to the Dead Sea and Masada. On a Dead Sea tour touryourway provides transportation, pick-up and drop-off and a professional tour guide. Most visitors to Israel know at least a little about the Dead Sea but not all of them have heard of Masada so it is really an added bonus for anyone taking a Dead Sea tour. Jerusalem is about 39km from the Dead Sea and Masada is about 10 minutes from the shore of the Dead Sea. This makes Masada and the Dead Sea the perfect combination for a day tour.

What is Masada?

On a Dead Sea tour from Jerusalem you can visit Masada, a hilltop fortress more than 2,000 years old with an incredible history. Visitors on a Dead Sea tour travel to the top of Masada by cable car and get a guided tour of the archaeological remains. Here you can see the remains of Herod the Great’s fortified palace complex built in about 31BC. The structures which have survived so well because of the remote location and dry environment include storage rooms, a Roman bathhouse, ancient mosaics, frescoes, water cisterns, guardhouses and more. Many years later the site was abandoned and in 73AD during the First Jewish-Roman War it became the site of a significant event in Jewish history. A group of about 960 Jewish rebels, men, women and children fled to the hilltop and made it their last outpost against the Romans. Roman troops based themselves at the foot of Masada and tried to scale the mesa and breach the walls of the fortress. After an extended siege the Romans reached the summit only to find that the Jews had chosen to kill themselves rather than be captured.

Masada and Dead Sea Tour

On a Masada and Dead Sea Tour from Jerusalem you will be able to travel through the desert landscape down below sea level to the Dead Sea region passed Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. You can see the ancient city of Jericho in the distance and the shores of Jordan on the other side of the Dead Sea. Take a tour of Masada and enjoy the brilliant views from the hilltop across the stunning Dead Sea. Then the Dead Sea tour continues to Mineral beach where you get to enjoy some relaxing time on the beach. You can swim, float, smother yourself with Dead Sea mud, enjoy sulfur baths, a beachside café and a range of amenities. At the end of the tour the Dead Sea tour bus will return you to Jerusalem, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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