Mark Finds God and Healing from Ulcerative Colitis

Started in Florida but later moved to Georgia, Be in Health is a ministry led by Pastor Henry Wright. Committed to spreading God’s love and healing, Be in Health in Georgia runs the For My Life Program, which has healed people such as Mark.

In 2009, Mark was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a digestive disease that causes a lot of pain. He was put on prescription medication that over time proved unhelpful. A counselor told him about Be In Health and its healing works.

Mark joined the For My Life program. Here, he learned that the spiritual cause of his illness was fear. The teachings helped him get over his fear by realizing that God loved him and because of His undying love, he could live without fear. Two weeks after completing the program, Mark was completely healed of ulcerative colitis.

Since being healed, Mark no longer goes to the hospital or takes any medicine. His pain is gone, so he no longer has to lose money on medical examinations and consultations, and on top of that, his knowledge of God and His Word has increased.