Star Wars The Force Awakens…a Childhood Memory
Kevin Dugan

Mine was 1986. All I wanted was a Nintendo Entertainment System. The Deluxe set, which I’d ultimately get retailed for $199. Adjusted for inflation was about $475 today.

Growing up I didn’t realize how much (or little) my folks made. I didn’t know that $199 in 1986 was quite a bit of money to them.

Apparently my mom put the NES in Layaway at K-Mart the day it came out. And paid on it right up until Christmas.

Opening that gift was pure magic. I never forgot the joy I felt that Christmas Day. It was the greatest gift I ever got.

Sadly, I let my girlfriend in high school borrow the NES for her little sisters and I never got it back. I wonder what happened to that machine…maybe I should ask her.

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