A Look at the Underrated Subtlety of “America’s Dad”

Tom Hanks in the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” (Lacey Terrell/Sony Pictures Entertainment)

From his earlier work as an overgrown child (Big) and romantic leading man (You’ve Got Mail), to Oscar winning turns as an AIDS-stricken lawyer (Philadelphia) and accidental historical figure (Forrest Gump), to his more recent performances as Walt Disney (Saving Mr. Banks) and miracle pilot Sully Sullenberger (Sully), Tom Hanks has been an indelible presence in popular culture.

A fixture on our screens for almost four decades, this longevity has garnered Hanks the trust of moviegoers around the world. Reader’s Digest declared Hanks the “Most Trusted Person in America.” …

Brianna Johnson

As a writer, I have published fiction in various literary journals. Outside of fiction, I write about my love of film. Along with writing I am also an educator.

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