Love Yourself

Can there be too many write-ups on this topic? No. No there can’t.

I have had a lot of unpleasant things said to and about me, but in all, the most unkind person to me was Myself.

I cannot count the number of messages I received from “God” (the Divine, Whatever-Is-Out-There) — but the one question that was always posed was: Why Don’t You Love Yourself?

For a long time I used to think this ‘love’ spoke of accepting your physical self — “flaws” and all, but although it IS indeed part of it, it was hardly the focus. Because even when I learned to love and forgive my “imperfections,” I kept getting the same message.

You see, the thing with self love is this:

If you cannot love yourself, no one will Love you.

It’s that simple.

Feel free to debate this, but Truth is Truth. (Yes, “truth” may be subjective, but there are Universal laws. And those hold true whether or not you believe [in] them).

When you cannot be kind to yourself, who do you expect to be kind to you? When you cannot forgive yourself for mistakes (are there really any mistakes?) and slip-ups, how then do you expect ‘forgiveness’ from the World? When you cannot make peace with who you are, from where do you expect Acceptance? Everything begins with YOU. Scratch that; Everything begins IN you.

Life flows from the inside out, and the state of the Spirit will ALWAYS be reflected back to you by the world — people, encounters, circumstances. You may think everyone is against you (which would further reinforce your lack of Love), but in truth, YOU are the one against yourself. Accept and forgive yourself. Know that at every point there is room for improvement, learning, healing… but you must first embrace things as they are. Do not judge your current self or current state: Life is a continuous process of evolution. Trust that all the lessons you incarnated to learn WILL be learned. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Love Yourself.

Easier said than done

I know.