Iran supreme leader feels left out

In the last couple of days, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has shown clear signs of jealousy. He claims that Saudi Arabia is being “cow milked” by the US. Nevertheless, the Iranian has witnessed Donald Trump’s affection for the wailing wall in Israel.

Therefore, Khamenei is now trying to imitate Trump with the purpose of gaining back the US’s sympathy. In a statement, he rambles on about how Trump favours Arabs above Persians, Riyadh above Tehran and the Saudi Riyal above the Iranian Rial.

American political expert John West believes that the supreme leader’s tactics might be working. “With a bit more conviction and passion, he just might get the attention from our President. The only problem is that there is no wailing wall in Iran. And whether the supreme leader is willing to go to Jerusalem is rather questionable.”

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Originally published at on May 28, 2017.

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