United States citizens leaving to live the French dream

It is a very busy day at the airports today in the United States. This is due to French President Emmanuel Macron’s pledge in the media that any American scientists making the move to France will be compensated with a lucrative grant for the duration of 4 years. This has caused for many Americans to rethink their future. The French dream has appealed to many scientists.

However, American citizens active in other industries are also trying to make the move. Baker Mark Thomson was interviewed at Los Angeles International Airport: “I have applied for the grant. Now, I know that I am not an ordinary scientist. But in my online testimonials, I have been called THE bread scientist of the United States due to my professionalism. My research about what is needed for a good cake certainly helps as well. I have documented all these points to make a clear case in front of the French government representatives, and I hope they will accept me into the country.”

Mark Thomson is definitely not the only one who is trying to find a creative way of getting access to the newly installed French grant. Masses of people have gathered at airports. It is believed that many US citizens are also trying to make the move by boat. If the numbers are accurate, the United States will lose circa 20% of their population.

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Originally published at www.bejudged.org on June 9, 2017.