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Sometimes as developers we are obliged to work with old projects
that are written with old methodologies and techniques
We are eager to use some cutting edge tech stack but to rewrite project completely it’s impossible and involves a lot effort.
In this example I want to show how to begin splitting and migrating big old project to new tech stack.
Let’s start to create new standalone React.js components which I want to use in project ( I thought that we already know how to write React.js components)

First of all we need node.js app for rendering new react.js components…

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Every web and mobile app business worries about user acquisition, distribution, retention. At many companies, traditional marketing roles are transforms into growth-hacking. In fact, work has become so popular now that some companies are hiring “growth hackers.” They are keeping their marketing departments and hiring growth hackers to work separately from marketing.

Role of a growth hacker?

Different from marketer, who traditionally are less technical, growth hackers have one objective — to grow the company. This is done with a variety of tactics called “hacks” These hacks generally are not expensive

In this list I’ll give you thorough overview of growth hacking, hiring growth hackers, resources on growth hacks, and additional helpful resources.

Project that i worked on.
InvoiceWave is easy invoice. To create send and track your invoices
it’s for small businesses and freelancers to create and send invoices
in minutes with simple design. You can also save your time by creating
recurring invoice , which will be send on date you prefer.

Invoices are send directly to your customer email account with ability
to view and download it in PDF format for traditional post.
Get notifications about your customer,
Whenever they read invoice, Accepted it or Decline.

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Beka Tom

[Software Crafter, Helping to get projects up and running]

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