DIY Resume Makeover Tips

Tip #1 Update Your Address

Tip #2 Add Your LinkedIn URL

Tip #3 Remove Your Objective Statement

Tip #4 Transforms Chunky Paragraphs into Concise Bullet Points

  • Bonus Tip! Remove the words “I”, “We”, and “They” from your text. Every word on your resume should have a meaning and purpose. Resume are written in “First Person Implied”. Here are a few examples of what that should look like:
  • “Coordinated over 50 private events including weddings, birthday parties and anniversary celebrations.”
  • “Oversaw digital marketing activities that lead to an increase in sales by 15%.”
  • “Monitored the implementation of numerous new HR procedures to ensure employee satisfaction.”

Tip #5 Spell Check & Grammar Check

Tip #6 Make It Shine, Baby!



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