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We are at a crossroads of human history and the millennial generation is here to witness it.

Karl Marx once said that a specter was haunting Europe at the time he wrote his (in?)famous pamphlet “The Communist Manifesto”, a specter called Communism. As we see now, that obviously did not play out the way he thought it would, but his political theory and economic analysis is still as relevant now as it was back then. The specters we see now in the 21st century is much different. …

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Remember when we said that we were going to move away? From from the humdrum of everyday suburban life? Because we were so tired of high school textbooks? Tired of the Taco Bell that stood in the shopping center we’d always go to because we were so bored at 3 AM? Cause I do.

I remember that we were going to move to Seattle, or Portland, because like every East Coast kid in our school, we wanted to move out west, but we thought we were cool and original for saying that California was overrated. …

Hector Belarmino

Just another cis straight guy writing stories who thinks his thoughts are worth reading

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