Starting over

I saw him, he saw me. There was something in the air. A familiar feeling.

I could tell something new was about to start. Or had it already begun? I cannot tell anymore. But I know we both felt it.

For days we found excuses to see each other. Talk. Laugh. Steal glances. For days we added fuel to this fire that was beginning to burn inside. Until one day it started showing itself.

Suddenly we knew what was happening.
Suddenly we knew this could not happen.

For days we’ve been finding excuses to hide from each other. Cowards that we are. For days we’ve been pretending it isn’t eating us from the inside. Until one day we run out of excuses.

I can tell something is about to change. Or has it already? I cannot tell just yet. But I know we both feel it.

I see him, he sees me. There’s something in the air. A familiar feeling.