Blog Post #7

I buy what I can afford while still being in style through fast fashion clothing. As even though there are thrift stores who sell second hand clothes, supporters still call this being sustainable. For a reason, it doesn’t make sense because those are clothes that people donate, and that not only makes it sustainable. What makes it “sustainable” is that people are buying these clothes and reusing it, instead of those clothes ending up in landfills. I shop at thrift stores and fast fashion stores. It is hard to choose between fast fashion and slow fashion, because it both has its pros and cons. If supporting both topics, I do think of the people who make these clothes because not knowing what they had to go through to make these garments makes it seem unfair. Fast fashion retailers are appealing because it offers consumers the best value for their money, the best prices (which include sales and markdowns), and the best overall assortment and choices. Even though the way fast fashion clothes are made and its costs, I do not think it will ever be replaced by sustainability clothing. There are fast fashion stores like H&M that incorporate sustainability while still producing fast fashion clothes. I would not want to spend large amount of money on a specific slow fashion garment because what if I lose it or it messes up in the laundry. That would be a waste of money! It would take a long time if one would search about the garment they are purchasing due through slow fashion, I would not have time to be doing that. The many supporters of fast fashion are millennials and older people, because first we like inexpensive but still stylish clothes that we can afford. As for older generations, they like getting discounts and shopping for the sale section. It does have to do with gender too because women’s clothing is less cheap than men. So, in this case men would not have a choice unless they have a discount. Many stores offer discounts online or donating old clothes. Along with choosing to buy from fast fashion retailers because most consumers are short on time and rather purchase cheap clothing rather than visiting an expensive high-end retailer. Fast fashion has created accessibility and affordability for consumers and the fashion industry. It has also created a world where consumers have easy access to the latest fashions in a variety of styles, sold at cheap prices, under mass production. Consumers’ attitudes towards fast fashion are positive in regard to affordable items and the quickness in shopping. It is every person’s choice on what they want to wear and purchase. Along with people and stores that are against fast fashion they need to consider in helping the people who makes these clothes and do something about child labor if they really do care. I am glad for fast fashion stores because it creates jobs, as for me I work at one and I am glad that it also incorporates sustainability in a couple of garments. We get customers who save money and are satisfied with their purchases. Between slow fashion and fast fashion, the side that I would take is fast fashion. Due to the reason that I am a consumer of fashion clothing. Along with stores keeping up in the latest fashion trends, that puts a consumer in stylish scene when they shop. Fast fashion is for those who like to keep up with the times, and who like to try fresh new styles of clothing every once in a while. It also helps you try different styles and trends within a short range of time. It helps you change, experiment and revamp your look without having to change your budget much! It develops the person style every time they step out to go someplace with friends! They say change is the only constant in life; so change is good. Fast fashion can never become boring, repetitive, plain, old, out-dated, it will continue to make a style statement with every new line, with every new trend, with every product it comes up with. Fast fashion always manages to impact the customers in a positive way . It leaves you begging for more! Besides, fast fashion is easy, comfortable and really cool. If you are someone who loves trying new things, and experimenting with your look in short, if you are someone like me, you are gonna quickly develop a liking for fast fashion.

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