Blog Post #8

As for fast fashion, anyone can recreate a celebrity look with purchasing clothes that aren’t to expensive. It has also changed the way people dress, like there are people who have wanted to change their style and thanks to personal stylist they have changed these people’s looks. The way they do that is by purchasing affordable fast fashion clothing. Every person wants to always look nice and be in style, this must be with wearing fast fashion clothes. These retail stores make the best to put out trendy clothing for the consumers. I mean I personally would want to help the world by being a less consumer on fast fashion, but at this moment I cannot afford buying slow fashion products. There are many people out there that I am sure would want to make this world a better place but it will take money and that is something mostly all of us cannot afford high end clothing. Also, people and myself tend to go to the mall a lot and there are mostly fast fashion stores, so that is where we are going to shop. Fast fashion perfectly feeds this neurological process. First, the clothing is incredibly cheap, which makes it easy to buy. Second, new deliveries to stores are frequent, which means customers always have something new to look at and desire. Zara stores famously gets two new shipments of clothes each week, while H&M and Forever21 get clothes daily. These brands are knocking off high-end designers, allowing the customer to get something at least superficially like the original at a small fraction of the cost, and they’re priced lower than the rest of the market, making their products feel like a bargain. When a customer sees, a clearance garment they will be amazed because of its price, and that is when they will want to keep buying more of those garments. The customers tend to get happy when they buy clearance clothes because their purchases total is within their budget. Also, a big major part is when fast fashion stores collaborate with celebrities that is when the customers come into the store and literally want to buy every piece that the celebrity inspired. As for H&M they have done a lot of collaborations with celebrities their last one was with the rapper “The Weekend”. I had a lot of customers come up to me asking me “where is the weekend clothes” “will there be more” “can I order it from another store” etc. The look in these people’s faces was with excitement and joy. This makes them a fast fashion consumer. A series of separate reports on millennials reached similar conclusions, they love to shop, even if they’re not buying although plenty are buying too. Famous You-tubers also do videos about what they purchased from fast fashion stores, so the people who follow them get inspired by them that they go out to buy the similar clothes that their favorite YouTube bought. Anyone can make fast fashion last, by saving their clothes or giving it away to those in need. Fast fashion is not always bad, because we can consume it in positive ways. As for having fast fashion clothes, we can also sell it to companies who buy your clothing and give you money. Fast fashion is also good for some college students since some are only able to afford low cost clothing.