Blog Post #9

The part of the debate topic I will take a stand is in fast fashion. The reason to that is because I am a consumer of fast fashion, just like many other people around the world. Fast fashion is affordable, stylish, and some stores offer coupons. I agree with fast fashion consumption than slow fashion. Because, slow fashion is expensive and few can afford it like myself. Maybe one thing or two but no, I rather safe money and spend it on fast fashion clothes. I know I can be a positive fast fashion consumer by donating the clothes I don’t use anymore, recycling it, giving it away, etc. Along with being an online shopper, it gets addicting for the customer who tends to buy fast fashion clothes online, because it can be cheaper online than in store at times. Fast fashion has created jobs for people and myself, so that is a big reason I also support it. I think some fast fashion companies do use good quality in their garments. I can tell because on the tag of the garment it says how it was made and the materials they used. Also, if one takes good care of their clothes it can last them long. Being careful in how one washes or irons it. While doing research online, I was not able to find many positive things about fast fashion. The reason to that, I think is because many people do not take the chance to see the good side of it. Yes, there is pros and cons in fast fashion and slow fashion, but if we take the opportunity to research what can be best for us or what the consumer consumes the most we would be able to comprehend both sides. As for myself I can agree with both fast fashion and slow fashion, but I cannot lie and say I support slow fashion when I am a consumer of fast fashion. People have limits of money they can spend and afford, so they go and spend on affordable clothes that can be in good quality. Addiction in fast fashion can be due to the years one has been shopping for affordable cheap clothing at retail stores, along with wanting to buy an item they have never seen before, and the sale section with promotions that go on the stores. As for me, I am a shopaholic just like others and we want the best deals in what we buy. It does not always mean we need to be on trend with what we buy, we buy because we like the item or because it was on sale. With buying items to gift someone or for ourselves, if it’s for our own good that is what matters the most. For me I do not like being seen in the same outfit in different weeks of the month, so that is why I purchase many clothes but mix it up and create different outfits. I am not saying that it’s bad to use the same clothes during the month, but again as for myself I just see it in a different perspective for my own style. We all can also get creative with the clothes we do not use anymore; like creating chokers, pillow covers, or even blankets with the fabric of the clothes. Another thing that fast fashion can create is sustainability through recycling the clothes that one does not use. That is something that the people who buy slow fashion won’t do, because few would want to recycle their expensive garment. I sometimes even compare high quality with low quality clothing and some look the exact same. Also, anybody can be a consumer of both slow fashion and fast fashion it does not matter if we stick to a specific one. There can be times we can afford high end garments and other times we can only afford low quality garments. As for myself I shop for fast fashion, but when it comes to gifting a family member I buy them slow fashion garments that cost me more than my budget. I think every person in this world should purchase whatever they want because we do not know one’s financial status on what they can afford. There is just too much positive for slow fashion when some of them use animals skin for their garments etc. I can go on but that is not my point to focus on slow fashion. The people are the ones that create fast fashion, because we want more of it so clothing companies give us what we want in an affordable price and for many of us these types of stores are around us so that is where we can go shopping. Fast fashion is not bad just because certain people think it’s bad, we should not follow the lead of that but instead look it as an industry that provides stylish clothes. I think fast fashion will keep being a big industry that won’t go nowhere because of the customers that like to shop. It is also developing throughout the years because now we are getting sustainable fast fashion clothes who knows what can be next but I am sure it will be something unexpected and exciting!

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