Letter to A Hybrid Student

Dear 214 hybrid students, first welcome to this English class where you will learn great knowledge in this class with professor Shannon. I am glad that I could take this class with this professor. If there were more English classes I needed to take I would take his classes. It is not like any other English class I have taken before because this professor is not boring and he teaches good. This class is going to show you how to think critically, good writing skills, and great language. Motivate yourself in doing good in class and learn even more of what you will learn in this class. Some might be taking this class for any reason but just make it worth your time. Also, I like how we do blogs and not just essays. It is laid back and easy to pass this class if you do the work. Make sure to get to know everyone’s name in class, because he will make a game where everyone must stand in class in a circle, then he will ask any question and each one must answer then say everyone’s name. Also make sure you turn in all assignments on time because you will have to turn it online. Most important part is to choose a good topic on what you will write about for the whole semester, make sure you do research and choose a good one. Because that is what you will write about for the most part. Make sure you stay on top of your assignments and attend class because it’s just once a week. Also, there will be in class teamwork, so try to sit with people who you think will be a good team. This class is fun and entertaining because you get to do blogs. What helped me get assignments on time was that I would do them before the due dates which were on Sundays. That way I had more time to work on other homework. Take this class serious because this is the last G.E you will be taking for most of you, and why would you spend a full semester with not wanting to learn? It would be a waste of your time. So just remember to make the best out of this class and take what you can learn from here. Have fun in class and good luck in everything you achieve!

Sincerely, Ana Ornelas

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