I get the readers attention by showing them a picture of the tragic consequences that can happen when they throw away their clothes, without caring where it ends up, like ending up in a landfill. It’s a tough picture to look at because it shows a bunch of clothes in landfills, this causes pollution, crowded space, invading people’s surroundings. Then there are pictures of the good causes by donating and recycling their clothes. If donated, companies such as H&M recreates new clothes by using the recycled clothes and customers who donate can get in return a 15% off there entire purchase. It benefits them as well as to the store. They become Eco-friendly and that is how we can create customers to become sustainable. The more people we have recycling, the more they are turning this world into a positive globally sustainable industry. I want to teach my audience the importance of recycling and becoming sustainable. This can impact the future generation and the world, if we do not make a change now! The sooner we end pollution and less clothes in landfills, the sooner we can change the world and make it a better one! So go to your local H&M and donate your clothes or go to any second-hand store and donate your clothes for exchange of money or just keeping a clean closet!