Why everything sucks

…at least on the cloud (nice click-bait dude).

Completely unrelated image, because why not?

Right in the middle of sticking to the status quo, conforming to what you suppose the norm is, and trying to change the world and be a hero, there’s an in-between place, a gray area where nothing is good enough, everything is slightly dissatisfying and a lot of wining can be heard.

We’re in a time where the content you watch on YouTube is stretched (to ten minutes and one second so you can admire just one more ad), where subscriptions are not enough and the “subscribe and turn on notifications or die” era arises, where the comments contain a wide range of variations of the sort “First”, “Notification Squad”, “I haven’t watched the video but watch mine, come on, help me spread the love.”, “I don’t know who you are but have a beautiful day, I love you”, I mean, what the fuck.

A world where all the content is sponsored, every recommendation and related content after reading an article ad-driven by Outbrain or Taboola, where every title has to be click-bait in order to maximize the chances of being consumed.

On the other hand, Instagram is a much healthier social platform. A long time ago the basic idea was to share images, whether from your life or your art. Once marketers realized “Hey, this is another channel we can infest with our bullshit” things started to get messy. The content you uploaded didn’t matter anymore, just the amount of likes it had, or the amount of fake followers you bought or how many “awesome”, “great post” and “👌comments you left in other accounts’ images, in order to boost your reach.

Like John E Lincoln published in his post: “marketers might ruin social media just like they ruin everything else”, in which he details the various ways you can use bots to auto-like, auto-comment and follow users based on hashtags of your interest. Services like Robolike, Instagress (great news, they’ve been shut down) and else, are only a tool created by greedy bitches to help you maximize your shallow assholeness.

For me, la crème de la crème are the shitty comments that pretend they loved your content only to then, super discretely suggest you should check theirs because you’ll also enjoy it. Self-promotion, suck my dick.

For those who believe in nothing like the nihilists from The Big Lebowsky, here’s a not so original experiment where I upload a completely black image asking please to not like the post, in which I get 50 likes in two or three hours, comments like “awesome…”, “:D”, and four new followers that will last less than 10 minutes if I don’t follow back.

Nice try assholes

What about watching Netflix all day long and wasting your good days that way you may say. Well, that’s fucked up too if you consider watching Girlboss, a show about a cool girl, allegedly made to clean the image of an allegedly toxic company that fires pregnant women before maternity leave, filed for bankruptcy a few months ago and now wants to promoted its business through an ad-show.

In a like-me-based society where everything seems shallow, self-centered and completely measurable by analytics on how well you perform socially, about selling an image of yourself that’s far from reality, is there any hope?

Alright, it sounds like I’m a super negative sad mother fucker, maybe I am, maybe I’m just trying to point out some disgusting shit about the virtual world in which we immerse ourselves today, hoping we will want to do something about it.

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