The NMI Mermaids(/*man) Project Plan

Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame

Who is GAHOF?

The Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame began in 2010 with the mission to promote aquatic excellence by recognizing and honoring the accomplishments of individuals in aquatics across the state of Georgia. Past inductees have been athletes and coaches from swimming, diving and water polo. The Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame has one annual event to induct five new honorees into the Hall of Fame.

Where is the Hall of Fame?

To keep down costs and provide 24-hour access, the GAHOF lives solely online. In fact, Georgia was the first state to establish its aquatic hall of fame on the Internet. Since this is such an innovative idea featuring prestigious individuals, the online presence must be top-notch, right? Well… that’s where we come in.

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As evidenced by the menu bar of, the website is stuck in last decade. Also consider the plethora of stock photos, the blank and unnecessary calendar feature and the amount of Times New Roman on the site, and it’s easy to see why GAHOF solicited our help.

Our Proposal

Our original proposal to Jessica Cooper, a member of the GAHOF board, was based on an entirely new website with innovative and interactive features. We proposed using a 360 camera to showcase aquatic events and practices. We also proposed features that would make the website easier to navigate, such as a “search for an inductee” tool. We showed Jessica some examples from our initial research that we plan to use for inspiration when building the new GAHOF.

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The College Football Hall of Fame
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The Baseball Hall of Fame

Our main promise to Jessica and the GAHOF is to make the website more engaging and professional — a place that people will want to visit to learn more about the long history of aquatics in Georgia.

Our Deliverables + Technology

Deliverable 1: Improved website with interactive, engaging, user-friendly features. Technology — our team’s combined HTML / programming skills

Deliverable 2: 360 video of swimming / aquatic events; a behind-the-scenes approach. Technology — 360 camera provided by the NMI.

Our Organizational Plan of Attack

We want to create a website that the GAHOF is proud to share on their social media channels, which our team will also have a hand in refreshing. In order to do that, we are aiming to have a very clear idea of GAHOF’s expectations and hopes for its new site.

We have already met with Jessica Cooper to get her vision for the finished website. She agreed to send us more content for the site as she finds it and as it becomes available. This strong connection with our client will help our project to progress much more smoothly throughout the semester.

Our plan is to begin a complete re-haul of the website after meeting with out client, which we did on Jan. 31. We will start by building the interactive Hall of Fame feature. After we have a sufficient grip on that feature, we will begin experimenting with a search feature, an interactive calendar and a submission contact form. We will add in other features as we think of them or as Jessica suggests. Upon receiving a schedule of aquatic events from Jessica, we will begin filming our 360 video. If our team is not available to attend any of the events Jessica suggests, we will film at Ramsey for a behind-the-scenes look at practices / preparation for competitive swimming.



Jan. 31 — Initial client meeting

Feb. 3 — Feb. 21 — Continue gathering content for site and conducting research to have wireframe completed

Feb. 23 — Logo mock-ups delivered to Jessica for board approval

Early March — Filming at Ramsey

March 31st — Website structure completed + 360 video edited

April 25 — April 29 — Practice SLAM presentation

Our Potential Challenges + Solutions

Through this process, we are bound to run into some challenging situations. When this happens, we will resolve the situation by coming together as a team to rectify the situation.

One of the biggest challenges that we face is obtaining information, video footage and photos of the awardees. While Jessica is giving us what the board currently has, a lot of the content is not uniform. This is an obstacle we will need to overcome in order to make the website as streamlined as possible, without having the option to take new photos of all awardees. Obtaining 360 footage from the events that Jessica suggests will also be a challenge, in terms of schedule.

Our Goals

Primary goal — Our goal is to give The Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame an updated, interactive website that inductees are proud to be a part of and share with the world. We want increased awareness surrounding GAHOF, which is why it is also our goal to update and refresh its social media presence through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Safety goal — create a website that is more relevant and less outdated. Essentially just a better working website than the current one.

Reach goal — create an interactive website with 360 features and provide analytics for the improved social media platforms.

Our Team

We are the New Media Mermaids(/*man), and we’re committed to delivering an innovative, interactive experience to GAHOF!

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Left to right — Rachele, Na’im, Ashlyn and Nhi

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Ashlyn, Na’im, Nhi, Rachele

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