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The rise of voice in gaming

The announced PS5 controller and several patents by Sony hint at a new development in the area of gaming and consoles. In this article I want to describe how a rather new way of interaction is going to influence your gaming experience.

We’re all used to handheld controllers. Walking through amazing landscapes and endless open worlds. Pushing buttons to do actions like speaking to NPCs or riding on a horse through nature with the control stick. Don’t be afraid — most probably this will stay for the next few years. But Sony has increasingly started to file patents for different…

Was denkt ihr von wo dieser Audio Clip stammt? Aus einer Daily Soap im deutschen Fernsehen oder aus einem Spiel?

Bevor ich diese Frage auflöse, lasst uns bei den bekannten Daily Soaps anfangen.

GZSZ, Verbotene Liebe und mehr

Vermutlich fast jeder Deutsche kennt die gängigen Daily Soaps und Telenovelas im linearen Fernsehen. Millionen an Zuschauern verfolgen Liebesdramas, Intrigen und den Alltag in verschiedenen Settings. Egal ob alte und lange erfolgreiche Serien (GZSZ, Verbotene Liebe, Unter Uns u.v.m.) oder neuere (Betty’s Diagnose, Berlin — Tag & Nacht, Einstein und der Lehrer u.v.m.) …

Voice assistants, especially Alexa and Google Home, are getting more and more traction. Apple is also releasing its Homepod and it’s predicted that by the year 2020 75% of US households will have a smart speaker at home. Similar to apps in smartphones, developers can create applications („skills“ for Alexa, „actions“ for Google) which then can be activated by the users. In this way you can increase the abilities of your smart assistant, based on your needs. And as with apps for your smartphone, there are applications which provide you a good user experience, but also others with a really…

Are you working on a project? Either you’re in the early stages or you have it already running some time — you should commit in your team to a vision and talk about it in detail! Only if everybody aligns to this vision, you will create a great output and, even more important, will be happy with the results in the end.

Maybe you think this is the case in your project, you even have a vision statement hanging on your wall, so everybody should have the same thing in their minds as you have, right?! No, that’s wrong! Why…

For centuries leaders have been persons who delegated tasks to the people they were leading. They had a vision and inspired other people to do the necessary tasks to make this vision a reality. Companies were built with several levels and steep hierarchies. This has been working good for a long time, but more and more successful companies are built on flat hierarchies.

A new company culture

Especially in the creative industries, where companies increasingly are working with flat hierarchies, a new kind of company culture has been created. Buffer is working now for a couple of years with no managers at all. They…

You need to have a successful team to reach your goals and realize your vision. It doesn’t matter if you are a team leader in a big company or if you want to become a CEO and found a company yourself. For almost all business goals you will need a good team, whose members understand each other and can release their highest potential when working together. In a regular office the employees often just work together without really knowing each other. But a good team should know how the minds of the other team members work. …

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As a curious young person who wants to found a business in the future I listen to a lot of other teams, who are thinking about starting a business or about an idea which fascinates them. Just like me. And one phrase that hits me again and again is the following:

“Our idea already exists, so we quit working on it.”

I hear it over and over again. This statement is so wrong. It is just wrong, because if your idea already exists, you should work on it even more. Do you wonder why? Why should you keep on pursuing…

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