Is it time for you to “re-write the narrative” of your career?

As a Personal Branding Consultant and LinkedIn Strategist, I help people “re-write the narrative” of their careers and put words to their professional story. In 2013, I set out on an exciting journey and new chapter in my own life. I did not have a business plan or definitive picture of what this new life and career would look like, but I knew what I didn’t want. No longer would I be defined or confined by a corporation, an organization, or a physical location. I wanted freedom, and to live an authentic life that was focused on helping others achieve their dreams.

Fast forward almost four years later, I am living that vision and it is a life beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t write a book this fantastic! Each and every day I get to work with an amazing global clientele, helping them to land their dream job while I am living mine. I am a true #DigitalNomad and have created my own location-independent business and lifestyle. Over the past three years, I have helped hundreds of people rewrite their social media profiles and career documents, guiding them through proven strategy to land fabulous new jobs and take their careers in new directions.

So, how did I do this? I launched my small business on LinkedIn. This is where my customers are, along with the tools, resources, and network to make it happen.

As a person with over 15 years of professional experience in human resources, I knew I could help people arrive in that seat across from the hiring manager, but I had no experience in working for myself or running a small business. LinkedIn became my small business platform and continues to grow and expand every day. I have a waiting list of clients, along with a professional network that I rely on to help my clients meet the people they need for their new career path.

My expertise is in one-on-one coaching, personal branding, creating LinkedIn profiles, developing powerful networking strategy in person and online, and helping people navigate difficult career transitions. My passion is technology and communicating through new avenues of social media and platforms to connect with others. LinkedIn provides all of this, for both me and the clients I work with. With LinkedIn ProFinder, people all around the world can find that expert they are looking for. My LinkedIn profile is my professional voice, online presence, my technology platform, and the trusted professional site where people can turn to find out who I am, what I deliver, and what my clients will tell you about working with me.

I re-wrote the narrative of my career, and now I have the opportunity the help others re-write theirs. I am a location-independent freelance professional and small business owner. I suffer from an incurable case of wanderlust, love to travel and live in new cultures, meet new people, and a companion for furry friends when their parents travel! #ProFinderContest #DestinationHouse&PetSitter #DigitalNomad # LinkedIn

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