Belinda McDanel
Jul 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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When Authority of the Bible Goes Too Far

Challenge the authority of the Bible with a Christian and the most unkind person shows up. Right before your eyes, they transform into a vicious version of themself. Strange. You would think the Bible would have an opposite effect. So how do we talk about it without declaring war?

In recent times, I see a decentralization of power in society. You see it on the internet as people become sources for news and articles without the corporate masters screening good content. You can even start your own TV/YouTube channel if you have a smart phone. Or use Pericope app to report eye witness news, right as it unfolds.

Times are changing.

What does decentralization of power look like in the Christian church? Perhaps it looks like Jesus. More humble, more serving, more self sacrificing. Less fear and anger. Less punishment. More honor. More kind.

Have we wondered away from the teachings of Jesus? Perhaps it’s Jesus as the head of the church that we need. I long to walk into a church and hear an announcement or declaration, “Jesus is the head of this church.” Not a man or a governing body that keep tight controls on everything, but the Lord Jesus himself. Which makes the church leadership a listening team.

I recently read an article by @bruxy where he said:

Many Protestant Christians say things like “We follow the Bible”, or will talk about the “authority of the Bible”, or say that Scripture is “inerrant”. As a Radical Christian, these are things I would tend to say about Jesus first and foremost. I follow Jesus. Jesus holds all authority. And Jesus is the perfect one, without error.

Have Christians taken the Bible too far? That is, is the Bible above Jesus? If so, let’s put it in its rightful place. The word of God is servant not master.

Jesus is master.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus holds all authority.

Why do these three statement sound radical? They’re not radical statements. It’s normal Christianity. Or Christianity 101, if you will.

The Bible has authority but not above Jesus. I respect the Bible and study it diligently. As long as I study in a way where it points to Jesus as Lord, I’m on the right path. This path leads to humility, service, sacrifice and honor. Anything else and I’m not reading it right.

© 2018 Belinda McDanel

Quote from “Radical Christians and the word of God” part one.

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