Love Letter

The sun was rising over the horizon. The orange tones lead the steps of a few teenagers that rushed into the backyard of an old building. Before the war it was used as a Catholic Monastery in which nuns will impact classes on young ladies. However, in the present, it is just another mixed high school were teenagers skip classes and try to understand a little more about life.

Feeling the cool yet warm breeze touching her delicate face, a lonely teen girl was walking with a little smile on her face. In front of that school, she fell how happiness consume her young heart, as if a new beginning was about to start. Walking inside the school, she rush over a place where the new students were standing. Waiting for the teachers to send them to their respective classroom. Since it was outside the building, the students were being light up by the sun that was getting up. Then, that common and normal girl walk into a line, waiting for her classrooms to be assigned, she looked to her right. Her pupils opened for just a quick seconds, and her heart start pounding with anxiety. The reasons were not clear for her mind, instead, at her right was standing a young boy. Tall as a giant from a fairy book. He was smiling while talking to one of his middle school friends. While, that girl was standing in her place, thinking how handsome that boy looked. It was the first time she feel like that for a boy of her age. As any normal girl of her age, she have had several crushes for actors and singers very popular on those days. Although, she has never felt those pounding emotions for anyone she actually known.

Minutes later, a bell sounded announcing that a new school day, a new course was starting that magical day of September. In which freshly converted teenagers will try to look into the paths that conduce into adulthood. Memories of childhood moments will become unclear, and whims will become part of a routine on their lives. However, the heart of a young girl was going to arise from its unconscious mind into a world that was believed to be romantic. Instead, that world is full of the wisdom of romance, while wrong doings are taking over the good moments.

Fated or just by casualties that life reserve, that girl and boy were assigned to the same classrooms. Every class those two will were classmates. It could have been a normal casualty if they did not were one number behind the other on the student list. Furthermore, on every project and homework they get assigned as a partner to the other. That is how those strangers unexpectedly meet, and get entangled into a some kind of relationship that was not inside the romantic aspect, but even looks weird looked from the friendship zone.