Confessions of a girl who cannot fall in love
Daria Krauzo

It sounds like you really loved that person, and things didn’t work out :( if you don’t want to find love (through a relationship), then you don’t need to! But if you do (for whatever reason), then you will – it just takes time to find the right one. The main bit being: how much effort do you want to put in, into finding someone new? In creating something new with another person?

You’ve been in love before! So you know about all the scary, uncomfortable things :) you’re prepared! It also sounds like you use your intuition to decide if someone is good for you or not, but you might feel a bit frightened by it because of your past :(

Don’t be! Our guts help guide us to what we need to learn. I fall in love easily too, and so get burned just as easily. It’s okay :) love is meant to hurt, because when we have it: we’re scared it’ll disappear. And when we don’t, we’re scared it’ll never be there! We just can’t make up our minds, can we? 🤷‍♀️😂

I personally think you can fall in love – don’t feel like you have to! I’m glad you turned away those suitors because you didn’t feel they were right. At least you didn’t string them along! Thanks for that sincerity.

I hope this helps xx and thank you for sharing your touching story

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