Kuncir Kuda : The Story About A Pedophile

Kuncir kuda is my first short movie project to fulfill subject TV Production 2. The story about a guy who has the sexual attraction to children or we may know them as Pedophilia.

Pedophilia cases in Indonesia are the highest in Asia and you can easily to find news about people who sodomizing and did sexual harassment to children. As the example is Emon, sodomized 73 kids in Sukabumi, Mario Manara, did sexual harassment to 9 kids in Bali and Baekuni or Babe, sodomized kid, killed 14 victims and 4 of them were mutilated.

I did short research about how pedophilia finds the target and as the result, most of the cases said that pedophile is close to the victim or victim’s family. Since they are close so the family isn’t suspicious with him (or her).

As the scriptwriter, I made the story about Randy, a 25 years old and working as an advertising manager. He’s smart and charming but he has a mental disorder: mood swing and pedophilic disorder. You can see Randy has mood swing on the first scene when he ate breakfast. When he finds out one of his colleagues, Miranda has a sister he’s trying to get attention to her and pretends like he’s interested in her. Finally Randy has a chance to meet Anita (Miranda’s sister) in the restaurant and he’s trying to be closer to both of them by taking them to swim and watching a movie. Until one day Randy has a chance to pick Anita up and brings her in his apartment.

All I want to tell the viewers about this story is how the pedophile get the trust and easily get a chance to do what they want to the children. Kindly to watch the short movie on the link below


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