Dear whomever it may concern,

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you changed one thing in your past differently? I think about that with every decision I make in my life. Life is chaotic and weird. Today I woke up starting a new day like everyone else but later I decided to change my life for the better. I sat on my bed scrolling through social media and realized 45 minutes had past by and I had done nothing but waste time. I turn 20, I know crazy, in exactly two months from today. I turn 20 and I’m wasting my youth in my room looking at things that do not matter. I got in this weird funk and deleted everything and turned off my phone.

When I get in a weird mood, or basically any mood, I watch a movie to make me feel better. I watched “The Edge of Seventeen.” This movie really spoke to me. That may sound ridiculous to you but that’s one of the beautiful factors of film. I related closely to the struggling teenager in the film. It set my head in a perspective where I need to start being happy. Not just happy with where I am professionally, materialistically or anything like that. That I was happy with who I am physically and mentally. I cried and took deep some breaths. Sometimes that is all it takes to feel better. My best friend, Angela, watched the movie “Inside Out” and took a critical life lesson from it; it is good to be sad. So I dedicated today to myself to be sad. After I finished that movie I started a new TV show. “Atypical” just came out and I really wanted to start it and I did. I also finished it. It was even more relatable to my life and how I’m feeling more than “The Edge of Seventeen.” I do not get along with my family at all. This is one of the main factors to mental disorders. Watching a TV show about other families struggle like mine always puts a new perspective in my head. I thought so much about how my life could be better or worse. I decided to call my friend Madi. I cried and told her how my life has been and she always has an amazing way of making me feel genuinely better. Now I’m starting fresh mentally to make my health my priority and to simply be happy.

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