My Uniform Makes Me Sick (Part Two)
Heather Poole

Hi Heather,

I believe everything you are saying regarding your uniform and chemical sensitivity. There was a ban/recall here in Australia with a very large global retail store where a shipment of clothes made in China had dangerously high level of chemicals that are known carcinogens. Formaldehyde was one of them and most of the clothes were for children!!

I also have a dear friend who is in his 90’s and retired Vet and has human medical knowledge as well and we have spoken about toxic chemicals in clothing, furnitures, carpets, car interiors etc and he has suggested to fill a spray bottle with 6% grade hyrodgen peroxide from your local chemist and diluting it; peroxide 60:40 water and spraying this into the air in your home, car and wherever you need to rid chemical toxins. It is oxygen and creates oxygenated water which helps with your breathing the air where chemicals are present.

Good luck with your futute persuits and dont give up the fight in what you believe in and know is right.

Aussie Sue