Exciting times team☺2016.

I have decided to make up a bucket list.100 things that I hope to achieve over the next few years.Life sure does happen when we are making other plans but it is fun making happy memories planned or unplanned.So as I type this the rain is heavy on the roof and is almost drowning out my thoughts(Love the sound of heavy rain.)The two bucket list ideas that I have already come up with are completely selfish but I would so like to fly in a floatplane.Departing from Taupo and flying over Mount Ruapehu on dusk and then landing an hour later to a dinner on the beach on a hot balmy summers night.The second on my bucket list is to go up in a hot air balloon over the Mighty Waikato…now I know there are a few other places to do this but for me it is abit of a sentimental journey.Many a morning have I stood outside with a coffee and the balloonist have been low enough to yell out goodmorning and I have often dreamed of being up there with them and overlooking the Waikato early in the morning ☺of course finishing with champagne and a light breakfast…dreams are fun and free.

Keep dreaming…you just never know what a new day will bring☺would love to hear what you would like to do on your bucket lists😊

Happiness and blue skies always

Bella Bexy.

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