I saw a walker today.

I walked past a dear old man with his walker and carer.

He grinned at me with his oversized false teeth( because his face has shrunk with old age.)

His face lit up like a christmas tree as I greeted him good afternoon.

He replied in a kind wobbly voice and I bumbled on past to buy some cool bananas.

I walked out of the supermarket with my bananas( which was a bonus as I am feeling a little tired and tried to open the driveway gate with my house key lol but I digress.)

Anyhoo just before I got to my driveway I saw the sweet old man and his carer crossing the road.

They had not covered much distance at all and I felt very humble and grateful for my health.

Feeling grateful and very aware that when I see an elderly person my words could be the last they hear.

Old people are like a national treasure.

How many old people did you make smile today?☺

Happiness and blue skies always,

Bella Bexy.

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