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Goodmorning team 😊Gumboots and birds are on my mind this morning.

I woke up to two noises.A loud purring in my ear from the cat who has stealth powers and manages to sneakily maneuver himself up onto my bed to sleep when I least expect it and outside my window several birds catching up on the latest news bushman telegram style 😃(I wonder which early bird caught the worm this time)

I am pleased to hear that there is not heavy rain on the roof this time as I am about to go out in it on my way to work which brings me to gumboots.

I love them.

What a fabulous invention but thank goodness I don’t need them this morning.

There is nothing better than puddle jumping with a friend whatever age you are hahaha.

I had a flashback to a story that I was told about when I was very young.

My mum bought me a very bright shiny new pair of red gumboots.

I proudly put them on and my mum gently said I had them on the wrong feet.

Well that was it.

I cried and cried.My mum asked” what is wrong?”

I replied “I haven’t got any other feet.”

😃Moral of the story.There is none.I just hope you all enjoy your Saturday and if you have to wear gumboots may it be the perfect gumboot and jumping in puddle day for you.

Happiness and blue skies always(unless it is your perfect gumboot wearing type of day;)

Bella Bexy.

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