Smarter than the average bear.

Or maybe not😉I remember working inside a mall complex when I was 20 years old.It was christmas and mall management played the same christmas carol cd over and over and did I mention over again.I was working for a childrens wear store and I topped the sales that year because I would explain to our customers that our childrens shorts were the best.They never wore out in the knees 😉worked everytime.

Each night I had to pull down ceiling to floor giant garage door type things and lock them to the ground.Inbetween were these ladder shaped objects that had toughened see through plastic on the front and back.I had to hook them up with an extremely long pole.

Opposite our store in the middle of the mall was the then Lotto shop and each night an armour guard would stand at attention as the money was transferred.He was trained not to leave his post for any reason within reason.

One night I provided him with alot of unexpected entertainment.

The large doors were down and locked and I was trying to tip toe and reach the endlessly high hooks to hook up the ladders as I called them.

I was front on and lifting it up when it became top heavy and in what seemed like slow motion for me.The security guard watched in shock horror as the top end of the ladder went over my head and landed on the floor behind me and was so heavy lol that is slowly jack hammered me into a crouching position like a cartoon.I was pinned and couldn’t lift it off and couldn’t get out either side…I just sat crouched like a frog 😃just in a nick of time as the security guard was about to leave his post crying with laughter as he knew I was not hurt a man in a suit lent over and asked if I needed any help and was smiling ear to ear.

Murphys law that it would be the entire Malls manager hahaha.

Never mind.

What I learnt was no matter how small sometimes you feel at work when having a bad day you can always bounce back 😃

Happiness and blue skies always,

Bella Bexy.

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