Smart Tips before Getting a Haircut

You hairs define who you are. Getting a good haircut is essential to boost your morale and to get your self-confidence as high as possible. A good haircut can be really powerful as it could convert your bad hair day into the best one you ever had, skyrocketing your self-esteem and confidence at an all time high. But the converse is also true. This means that a bad hair cut would mean that you want to kill your hair stylist or cry for several days after your haircut. A place like a San Diego is fit for getting all sorts of haircuts.

Below are the few things one must consider before getting yourself a haircut in San Diego:

1. Know your face shape — In general, there are four different types of face shapes: square, oval, round and heart shaped. You can easily determine your face shape by checking your jawline.

  • If your jawline goes sideways, then you have a square shaped face.
  • If your jawline goes round from chin to ears, then you have a round face.
  • If your jawline goes slightly up at an angle and your chin is pointy, then your face is oval.
  • And, if your chin is the pointiest part of your face with your jawline curved inwards, then my friend your face is heart shaped.

Once you know, the shape of your face the job becomes easy for any professional to give you a suitable haircut in San Diego.

2. Understand your hair texture — Hair colors or textures are different for every person. One must understand that not every hair texture will suit their hairs. So, find celebs who have hair textures like yours such as curly hair for example and then show these pictures to your hair stylist to get a perfect haircut in San Diego.

3. Have Realistic Expectations — It is okay to think of getting a haircut like your perfect celebrity, you admire but be realistic about what you ask for. These celebrities have a horde of hair stylists running around with their hair blowers to keep the celebs hairs in check but most of us are not that lucky. So, keep your expectations realistic while going out to get a haircut in San Diego.

So, it is imperative to consider these above tips and suggestions before you walk out to get a haircut. Remember, that your haircut defines your personality, so get a good one.