Miley Cyrus: Extending Her Brand Early

A brand is a personality that identifies a product or device. Making a brand can be easy, but extending your brand to a variety of audiences can be difficult. The Singer, actor and mentor Miley Cyrus started her brand at age 11; she originally auditioned for the role of “Lilly” (the best friend) on the TV show Hannah Montana, but was shocked to hear that she would be playing the main role as Hannah Montana instead because she had such an amazing voice. It was clear that Cyrus was able to play the singer super star and a regular girl very well. She became a role model to young teens everywhere; she was a symbol a good girl that just wanted to have fun.

Hannah Montana:

Throughout the span of 5 years Hannah Montana become more than just a TV show on Disney Channel, it became merchandise. At first, it started with Hannah Montana clothing, toys, posters, mugs, etc. Then eventually moved to movies, concerts and fan meet-and-greets. According to the TV show was worth $150 million dollars. Hannah Montana also won multiple awards. In 2007 it won the Teens Choice Award for Comedy. Cyrus also won the Best Actress in the Teens Choice Awards in 2007, 2008 & 2009. This was amazing success for young Miley Cyrus.

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