Miley Cyrus: Relating To Fans

Miley Cyrus has always been relatable. As a young girl in the Disney Channel TV series Hannah Montana, Cyrus related to tweens everywhere. Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart was just a good girl, going to school and trying to stay out of trouble. This was like any girl in middle school. As Cyrus grew older and strayed away from the popular TV series, she became more relatable to her fans. She became rebellious and lots of teens and young adults admired her for that.

Cyrus encouraged her fans to be who they are, and not care what anyone else thought. As she publicly displayed the party scene, sex and drugs (although some adults didn’t like it) she related to a large group of young adults who were/are doing the same things. She gave many misunderstood young adults the courage to be who they wanted to be. Especially when Cyrus made the statement that she was gender neutral and stood up for gay rights, this made her gain popularity among the gay community. Although Miley Cyrus was very controversial, she became the center of attention for the paparazzi, gossip and fame. Even though some people don’t want to this so, she is very relatable to millennials because of her rebellious nature.

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