Common Fashion Blunders Petite Girls Should Avoid

You can’t come up to the expectations of people. They have their own standards which are hard to meet. You rarely find a person having perfect figure, fair complexion, and tall height. The criticism goes on no matter what you wear and what you are. However, the case is more critical with petite girls who always become a laughing stock for others due to their short height. Little baby, tacky pack, and tiny Minnie are the funny names given to petite girls to make fun of them.

Finding the right clothes or shoes is another major problem petite girl’s find during shopping. Though, Vintage Clothing Online Women and some other online stores offer dresses in different sizes but still the problem is there. Here in the article, we are going to tell you common fashion blunders which petite girls commit and some fashion hacks which you can opt to look graceful and prominent at the same time.

Avoid Oversized Sweaters

No doubt, oversized sweaters are comfy to wear and protect you from the effects of weather. But don’t wear it if you want to make your presence visible. Oversized sweaters hide your personality and give you look like wrapped threads around you. They fully cover your body and don’t discriminate the body parts that results in short appearance than the actual height. You look smaller and baggy like a pool of threads. If you love oversized sweaters or don’t have any other option then choose the one that clings to your body frame and put a belt on it to define your waist.

Ditch Baggy Bottoms

Ditch baggy bottoms as they give you a smaller look by covering your legs. The wide design of baggy bottoms doesn’t distinguish your legs and cover them completely. Say no to palazzos, baggy jeans, trousers, and long skirts as they completely disappear your legs. Pair the baggy bottoms with high heels or boots if you love this fashion and want to try it once. Vintage Clothing Online Women suggest slim trousers and jeans for petite girls as it improves their height and makes their legs look taller.

Never Choose Large Bags

Large bags favorite of many of us as they provide more space to keep things up and look graceful as well. However, they aren’t made for small girls because they divert the attention of viewers from you and successfully steal their focus. Wear a small bag with long chain or strips to make your presence visible. Large bags give a bad impact to your personality and it might seem the bag is carrying you instead of your carrying the bag.

Long Outfits Don’t Belong to You

Long outfits don’t favor you and completely destroy the charm of your personality. Long skirts, kaftans, Kurtis, and tops diminish the elegant look by covering your body entirely. ‘Never hide your legs too much’ is the formula of not looking petite. Never wear calf length boots or outfits which cover the major part of your legs.

Wear Pointed Toe Shoes

Getting right shoes size is a big trouble of petite girls. Usually, they have to get shoes from children stock as petite shoes rarely available in adult size. Round flat shoes give an innocent baby appearance which doesn’t suit adult girls. Similarly, calf boots seem bigger than you and make to look tiny. High heels with pointed toe are ideal for petite girls who want to compensate their height and ensure their presence in the crowd.

Looking beautiful is the desire and right of every lady. Vintage Clothing Online Women suggests ladies wear wisely if they want to steal the attention of every viewer. Everything that hides your body is lethal for your personality no matter it’s a wide belt, horizontal stripes on shirt, oversized sunglasses, or big hats. Make sure the dress you’re selecting is capable of discriminating upper and lower body as it’s necessary to get a taller look.

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