Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Free from ADHD

Bella Lawrence
Jul 9 · 3 min read

Have you ever asked yourself whether or not you have ADHD i.e. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? There are times when it becomes challenging to determine whether or not you have ADHD. On the internet, there are plenty of tests and quizzes for ADHD. Regardless of this, such tests may not be definitive since ADHD diagnosis can be quite tricky. However, that being said, such ADHD test can help guide someone on getting a sense of what ADHD really is. If you are like many people, you may be curious to find out whether you have ADHD or not. Worry not, because in this article you will read in several reasons why you may not have ADHD.

The first reason is that you are able to complete your projects on time. Among the many symptoms of ADHD is the inability to complete tasks in a timely manner. This could impact a person in many spheres of their life such as at home, work or even school. Therefore, a good sign that someone does not have ADHD as they are repeated ability to finish projects on time. Repeatedly completing projects on time could be a definitive way of determining that you do not have ADHD.

Another sign is that your close relatives i.e. parents and siblings do not have the condition. Besides the ability to complete projects on time, another sign that someone does not have ADHD is that their closest relatives do not have ADHD. Most people can allude to the fact that the condition runs in the family. It is quite genetic in nature. According to statistics, ADHD is inheritable by up to 79% from close relatives. This rate is quite similar to that which people inherit their heights.

Another sign to relieve you of your worry, is if your friends suggest that you get tested for ADHD. If you have ever been in situations where your friends make suggestions that you get tested for ADHD, it is very likely that you do not have it. As contradictory as this may seem, the reason is because people with ADHD have it from childhood. Therefore, any confusion or reduced attention span that may occur is not due to ADHD but rather due to other quite normal reasons. Visit this website to get more info about ADHD.

Lastly, another more obvious reason why you do not have ADHD is that you are able to live up to your potential. Even though lots of adults with undiagnosed ADHD may feel as though they are underachieving or not living up to their potential, regardless of their many achievements, more often than not it is merely a way of getting better. Therefore, if you are able to perform well and live up to your potential then it is most likely because you do not have ADHD.

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