3 Strategies to Implement In Your Website Marketplace

Sep 8, 2017 · 3 min read

For entrepreneurs searching for the next big thing, consider creating a website marketplace, where users can sell or buy apps, domain, websites, and apps. Flippa is one of the top companies connecting people selling websites, domains, apps and Shopify stores with buyers.

Fortunately, creating a website has become simple with website cloning, a process that involving cloning another site’s script to create a similar internet site.

The business of buying and selling these technological products is lucrative. And if others have done it and you can achieve similar success. The customized website marketplace script we provide at ClonesCloud uses the best technologies for the web such as PHP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Why a Ready Website Marketplace Software is Important for Business

When starting out, you need a website that works. But, creating a new website like Flippa from scratch is a difficult undertaking requiring huge capital outlay, and a tedious development process. These factors will slow down your progress, and not make money instantly.

The website you clone already works, and users are selling and buying services, and the company is making money. You can come up with your site using the Flippa Clone Script, we provide, or request for a customized script.

Flippa Clone Script

Best Strategies to Get People Merchants and Buyers on Your Flippa Clone Website

Create A Trusted Website Marketplace

Without trust your business may fail, it’s most important rule of commerce. Sellers need to trust your website to do business and buyers need to trust sellers on the site.

With our Flippa Clone Script, your website comes with all the features that foster trust among users on your website. Some of the features such as contact number verification, ownership verification, and private messaging board for communication foster trust.

You must ensure that transactions happen once products are exchange and payments details are accessible to users.

Proper Listing of Features and Appropriate Lists

Your Flippa Clone website marketplace should have a good listing of products with detailed information and make it easy for clients to know the features what they are buying.

Products should fall in the right categories, and be easily distinguishable. Each listing should have the right price and in case of errors that may mislead the buyer, remove the listing. Ultimately, you need a website where finding a product is secure and enough information is available for customers to make a purchase.

Sellers on the site must also comply with the guideline and rules you create. Before anyone makes use of the service ensure they know the expected conduct.

Create Relationships with Sellers

Once you launch your website, you need sellers to list their apps, websites, and domains. The demand for these products is already there, so you don’t so much about getting buyers on your site.

What you need when starting out is a community of sellers offering credible and diverse products.

With the Flippa Clone Script, you get more time to focus on marketing your site to merchants. Appeal to dealers with good commissions and assurance of getting paid for their product, and you’re set to start making profit.


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